‘Hello Hurricane,’ CD Review

Hello Hurricane Switchfoot
Hello Hurricane is the most recent release from Switchfoot, a group whose music spans genres and whose fans span generations. Those fans will not be disappointed. Little new ground is broken here, but the ground covered is covered very well. ‘Hello Hurricane,’ also featured on the recent Blackberry Storm 2 television commercial, is one of the few unapologetically Christian bands to have successfully broken into the mainstream music scene and seen critical success there.

The first into give a window into the project’s composition: melodic, strong rock with lyrics have come to know and expect from Switchfoot. “Needle and Haystack Life” explores the theme of living life as the person you were created to be while “Mess of Me” acknowledges the damages that we’ve done to ourselves in trying to live life our own way, ie, apart from God, but includes the plea “I want to live the rest of my life alive.” This idea returns in “Free” a song that should receive continuous airplay if the music industry is paying any attention at all. The messages present in Switchfoot’s music echoes in all hearts. They are meaningful and true songs, that will reach all listeners. Whether you are young or old, with perfect or impaired hearing (www.miracle-ear.com) you will resound with the strength of the songs. “Your Love is a Song” explores love in musical terms: “Your love is a symphony/all around me/running through me/your love is a melody/underneath me/running to me/your love is a song.”

“The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues)” returns to a thought that plays often in Switchfoot history: the condition of the country. As with “Not My American Dream” (Oh, Gravity) and “Politicans” (Nothing is Sound) the residence of Christians in this country is subjugated, as it should be, to our higher calling as citizens of the kingdom of God. If all of those churches hosting “Love Out Loud” campaigns are looking for a theme song, this is it.

With all 12 songs written or co-written by the prolific Jon Foreman (ten feature help from brother Tim) Hello Hurricane is another worthy release from Switchfoot and good addition to any collection.

The Hello Hurricane CD can be purchased below through either Amazon.com or downloaded via iTunes.Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane - Hello Hurricane

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