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December 2009

Bowl predictions for the Big Five, anyone?

While I keep up with college football for enjoyment, I don’t have a favorite team and generally pull for the underdog in any game with two exceptions: Both Notre Dame and Florida could lose every game that remains before the return of Christ and it would suit me just fine. Beat’em every time, I say. […]

‘Sherlock Holmes,’ movie review

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth gets a more than elementary treatment in the new Guy Ritchie film, Sherlock Holmes, featuring Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes, Jude Law as his longsuffering (in more ways than one) sidekick, Dr. John Watson, Rachel McAdams as Holmes’ love interest/nemesis Irene Adler and Chris Strong as the villain Lord […]

‘The End of Christianity,’ book review

Attempting to find “a good God in an evil world,” Dr. William Dembski, mathematician, philosopher, prolific author and leader in the Intelligent Design movement, presents this effort to reconcile the goodness of God in which we believe with a fallen world which we see. Though there be nothing novel in the attempt, the tack which […]

Christopher Hitchens is right: There is no god

Famed “new atheist” author, Christopher Hitchens, is among a handful of well educated, articulate and challenging authors who have recently seen fit to launch an all out attack on the philosophical concept of the existence of God. Whether they have been successful in that attempt depends on who you ask, but the cabal has certainly […]

House of cards, ship of fools, and a crew of whores

The duly elected representatives and senators of the United States of America are closer than ever to passing the most sweeping government reform in recent history if not the history of the Union. It happens to have to do with health care, or more specifically, exactly how much the federal government will have re-shaped and […]

Looking to give this Christmas?

If you are looking for a gift that has lasting meaning this Christmas, you might want to check out Advent Conspiracy where we are being encouraged to “give presence.” The [AC] website explains: People are dying from the lack of clean water. In fact, it’s the leading cause of death in under resourced countries. 1.8 […]

‘Avatar,’ movie review

The long awaited James Cameron (Titanic) CGI fest, Avatar, has hit a screen near you. Boasting a new generation of effects, the film, 5 years in the making, cost a reported half-billion dollars to make and features live action along with the special effects extravaganza. Moviegoers looking for deep meaning will likely be disappointed; this […]

A couple of music videos for your enjoyment

I think I first heard this on a Jaguar commercial a few years back. This is History Repeating by Propellorhead w/Dame Shirley Bassey. Purchase History Repeating on This song was used on an L.L. Bean commercial a couple of years ago. This is a fan video but looks almost good enough to be the real […]

At the Acoustic House Show, concert review

In the great tradition of indie music small venues like coffee shops, bars and homes are the trade specialty. Last night I have the opportunity to enjoy an acoustic show at the home of Eric and CJ Burk of Buford, GA. Headlined by American Standard, Damion Suomi, Lauris Vidal and Andy Zipf with opener, Jordan […]

When faith strengthens faith

A few thoughts on the subject of faith, an excerpt from my Keeping Company With God prayer journal. It seems to me that faith is a long term deal more than a short term solution. Less “I’m praying for a good deal on a house,” and more “I’m confident that God is in control of […]