Loretta Napoleoni and the global economics of terrorism

Loretta Napoleoni gave the following talk at TED last summer. Napoleoni, a macroeconomist whose introduction to terrorism and money came through interviewing the Italian Red Brigades, demonstrates the intricate linkage of world finance and terrorist moneymaking. She also suggests the Continue reading

January 27, 2010-Live blogging the State of the Union address

Tonight President Barack Obama gives his first State of the Union address. Live blogging begins here with the beginning of the speech and the comment section is open. If you want to watch online, cut and paste this url into Continue reading

Radiation oncologist claims proof of the afterlife

January 25, 2010—Near-death experiences have long been a fascinating phenomenon, prompting more questions than answers. According to a Gallup poll, between 8 to 12 million Americans—around five percent—say they have had a near-death experience. Despite these substantial numbers, most scientists Continue reading