Brian Regan in concert, a review

Brian Regan

Brian Regan

Sunday night, January 17, my wife and I “cashed in” on a Christmas gift when we saw Brian Regan’s comedy concert at the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, TN. Regan, whose self-deprecating humor is a hit with fans of all ages, did not disappoint. From his opening riff about the Chattanooga “International” Airport to the encore, including his repeated lampooning of his own joke that fell flat, listeners were in a state of near ab-spasm inducing laughter. Regan’s act included bits made wildly popular on YouTube like Flipper and Fig Newtons with some newer riffs about his kids (my favorite: “We have two wonderful kids…and another kid”).

The night opened with a 25 minute routine by Tom Ryan who did exactly what the opening act is supposed to do: he primed the audience. Ryan’s humor is much like Regan’s without the facial expressions and physicality. In fact, Ryan is dangerously deadpan in delivery. His closing tale, about a car accident which ensued after a lit cigarette blew down his shirt collar, was priceless.

From February until June, Regan is performing from the eastern seaboard to Utah and back. He has five consecutive nights at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City alone. His complete tour schedule and link to purchase tickets is here.

Below is a Regan account of going to the doctor (one swear word):

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  • This review on Brian Regan was very well written; I enjoyed it! I’ll be seeing him tomorrow night @ the Winstar in Thackerville Oklahoma and will be doing a quick post about his performance. Feel free to check it out @ my blog within the next couple of days. Thanks again for the post :)

    • Marty Duren

      Thx, Jeff. I will check yours out, and will be interested as to how much new material he has worked in since his last video.

      • By the way, he did use your favorite line about the 2 wonderful kids… and another kid. I really enjoyed when he talked about parenthood and how as parents we put together sentences that would never be possible without having kids. Ex: “Jason, stop trying the balance your sippy cup between your chest and the kitchen table!”