Live blogging the State of the Union address

Ronald Reagan State of the Union Address

President Ronald Reagan delivers the 1983 State of the Union address. Image:

Tomorrow night will be live blogging President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. The address will be carried on all channels except for Spike TV which will doubtless have reruns of C.S.I., a girly show appealing to adolescent males overflowing with testosterone or UFC, a male show appeals to adult males overflowing with testosterone.

The president’s address will likely have undergone major revisions as a result of Scott Brown’s recent win in Massachusetts, the stumbling of the president’s legislative goals regarding healthcare reform and the continuing through-a-sodden-bog-like progress of the economy. Likely to be interesting. There is already talk of his desire to redefine the presidency, though little details have been given to that end. CNN is among those reporting that President Obama will call for a spending freeze on every item not related to national security. It will be very interesting to observe just how long it takes congress to realize that bovine methane output is directly proportional to chatter on terrorist communications networks and, therefore, necessitates federally funded studies.

To catch the live blogging, check back here on Wednesday, January 27, at the beginning of the speech. Updates will be about every five minutes.

Marty Duren

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  • Beth L.

    I would love to hear Pres. Obama announce that we will be reverting back to pre-digital conversion television so that those of us who can no longer pick up TV channels with the government-funded Digital Converter boxes can watch the SOTU live. Thanks for live blogging, I’ll be following.

  • Tom Parker


    Do you suppose any one will say anything postive about the President on this blog as he is giving the State of the Union address?

    • Marty Duren

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I cannot speak for anyone else who might comment here, but I consider my political affiliation to be “Independent Reforming Constitutionalist.” Anything President Obama says that is in line with the constitution and the reform of government will get a loud applause from me. Anything that is about the expansion of government will likely get jeered.

      I would encourage you to read my post here to see where my political allegiances lay. Had I been writing much about politics during GWB’s last two or the SoU addresses, he would hardly have gotten off unscathed.