Republican response to the SOTU

The Republican response to the State of the Union address will be given by Bob McDonald, the 11-day on the job governor of VA.

[Trust me, there will be no Independent Response apart from what you find online.]

Weak joke about his kids giving him 10 minutes to finish so they can go watch Sportscenter.

“One in ten Americans is unemployed and that is unacceptable.” So far, he sounds just like the President.

“The federal government is trying to do to much.”

“The federal debt is now over $100k per household.”

Apparently freezing spending for three years, something Bush never did nor attempted, is not “not enough.” What a goober.

The American people want its leaders to listen. [Like all of them listened while we were screaming “NO” to TARP.]

[I’m curious: Is there a reason why insurance companies cannot sell across state lines? That does seem like a reasonable move.]

All Americans agree that kids need a good education to compete in a global economy.

We must maintain strength. [His daughter was a platoon leader in Iraq.]

We applaud President Obama’s decision to support the troop increase in Afghanistan. Invocation of Scott Brown, the savior of all Republicans, “We should be spending money to defeat terrorists, not protect them.”

“Government closest to the people governs best.” [If they all believe this, then why are so many governors quick to run for president?]

[From where I sit, this is an awful speech. It’s just a promotion of a candidate; nothing new here at all.]

WOW! He mentioned “independents.”

That’s it.

Marty Duren

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  • terri

    Bob McDonald and the republican party are what is wrong with this country. I am a American that wants to be served in Washington without your damn rhetoric and f****** lobbyists. All republicans are capable of is taking campaIGN MONEY AND serrving special interests rather than the people. I am one of the PEOPLE not a faceless mass . Not unaware of what your bipartism has done to my country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE POLITICIANS LIKE YOU! I HATE WHAT YOU<VE DONE!!!!!!! I hate your undertable deals at the expense of this country for your own gain

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  • Marty Duren

    Surely you do not imply that Republicans are the only ones who take part in “undertable deals”? Surely you do not imply that Republicans are the only ones who kowtow to lobbyists? Surely you do not think that only Republicans take campaign money from special interests?

    Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for the condition of our economy and the state of our government. To blame everything on Republicans is to close your eyes to reality. Both Democrats and Republicans choose “party first” at the expense of the country.