Haiti T-Minus 1 Day: Follow my trip daily

I’ll be leaving for Haiti in the morning. Not knowing all the specifics as to Internet availability (my friend’s Blackberry does not even work in PaP), the decision to leave my life’s blood (also known as my MacBook) behind was default. It appears I may not be able to write full length articles from the clinic.

The rumor is, though, that texting is still available over some networks; if this article is accurate, then some kind of service should be accessible. If set up my Twitter account to forward text messages and set up this site to receive my Twitter feed. The widget at the top of the left column is receiving those “tweets” regularly. For the latest information in my part of the Internet, you can check back several times a day. If you would like to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook, use the links in the “Social and Online” widget in the right column.

I do not know if I will always be able to update my FB status, so your best bet will be to check here if you are not on Twitter. If I am able to post stories, you will get a Twitter alert like always. For direct alerts, please subscribe via RSS feed or email subscriptions.

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