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March 2010

Leadership library give away

Up for grabs is a group of ten (10) leadership books to keep or give to leaders around you. Most of these are used having been picked up at various sales or thrift shops over the last few months (not everyone actually reads them, you know) or books that were given to me for attending […]

Stressed? Under pressure? You’re not alone

Stressed out? Does the weekend bring as much anxiety as Monday? Do you dread the alarm clock for more reasons than being a night-owl? You are not alone. Consider these recent items from the April 2010 edition of Fast Company magazine: According to a psychological survey done in 1938 and again in 2007, anxiety and […]

When movies and music mesh

Ideally the score of a film should enhance the images on the screen. This isn’t always the case. I was watching A Few Good Men the other night and my son agreed the music was often cheesy and not appropriate for the visuals. At some points I expected Tubbs and Crockett to come walking through […]

Late in the game, CNN shows signs of life

I’m not much on broadcast news. There seems to be too much that isn’t news in every “news” cycle. I rarely watch CNN except on election night. There seems to be as much bias as FoxNews. So, for me at least, it’s news when CNN starts attacking Democrats given how far left-leaning they typically stand. […]

Chris Tse and the strange workings of God

“The Lord moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.” So wrote the poet William Cowper, though it seems each time He moves in a mysterious way there is a rushed disclaimer that it was not the Lord after all. Yesterday, I posted a short note and a video by a young Canadian man, Chris […]

Chris Tse poem: I’m sorry I’m a Christian

A college aged friend of ours, Jordan Burk, sent this to my son and then to me. It’s from a “Poetry Slam” in Vancouver, BC, in December 2009. The young man’s name is Chris Tse and his poem is entitled, “I’m Sorry I’m A Christian.” It’s worth your four minutes whether you are a believer […]

Will healthcare reform mean the ouster of 100’s of congressfolk?

Every two years the “throw the bums out” band starts again its mournful dirge. It matters not whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of the government, people get out of sorts, get cranky and get fed up. With the healthcare reform debate and last night’s passage of the bill by the House, the rumbling […]

The end of the republic?

I am not an alarmist by nature. Things around me are viewed with the eyes of scrutiny, but, by and large, I don’t get excited or alarmed by bad news. When Chicken Little runs by, the natural response is to stick out my leg. Assaults on the U. S. constitution by our “representatives” on the […]

‘When Helping Hurts,’ book review

I’m not sure what the literary equivalent of disruptive technology is, but When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor. . .and Ourselves by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert would certainly fit the description. Perhaps cognitive realignment could be suggested. In the wake of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile combined with ongoing […]

Asylum or incarceration? Lady Liberty drops her torch

If you are like me, you’ve assumed Ladies Home Journal to be a magazine about flowers, gardens, fashion and diet always with a cover graced by, say, Brooke Shields or Faith Hill, so the cover is as far as most men ever get. I stand corrected. This month’s issue (April ’10) LHJ has a probing […]