Leadership library give away

Up for grabs is a group of ten (10) leadership books to keep or give to leaders around you. Most of these are used having been picked up at various sales or thrift shops over the last few months (not everyone actually reads them, you know) or books that were given to me for attending conferences.

Included are: Pour Your Heart Into It, by Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, Credibility, by Kouzes and Posner, Mad Church Disease, by Anne Jackson, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make by Hans Finzel, From Lucky to Smart, by Chester Cadieux, co-founder of QuickTrip, When Teams Work Best, by LaFasto and Larson, and, by John Maxwell, Failing Forward, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Developing the Leader Within You, and Maxwell’s newest, Everyone Communicates Few Connect.

Entering this give away is easy:
1. Leave a comment in the comment thread. One comment per entrant, so make it your best shot.
2. In 35 words or less, explain why you would like to win. You can use humor, satire, other creativity or be straightforward. Thirty-six or more words means disqualification.
3. I will choose the winner based on the 35 or less word entry, my choice being final and completely subjective. Losers will be prayed for.
4. Shipping will be media mail, paid for by me. Cash or other remuneration will not be given if shipment is lost or damaged.
5. No other gifts are promised or implied.
6. Entry is open from the time this post goes online through 10:00 pm (Eastern), Wednesday, March 31, 2010.
7. Winner must be able to provide a valid USPS shipping address within 48 hours of notification. Notification will take place via the non-published email address used when leaving comment.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

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  • Jeff Lewis

    In a bottom-line, straightforward manner I would like to will these books:
    To glean any valuable wisdom and information from them. As I’m currently preparing for the pastorate, leadership knowledge is priceless. Also, I enjoy giving the fruitful books away. Those books will begin a legacy here.

  • Beth L.

    I think I bought you that Starbucks book at a thrift store. *Sniff, sniff*

    • Marty Duren

      You lose.

  • Phil Wages

    I need these books because I am way short of my 15,000-20,000 volumes in my library as suggested to me by Dr. Paige “The Red Bishop” Patterson. I need these books to help fill up my library deficiency. You don’t want me to be short on books now do you?

  • Warren Griffin

    I woke up this morning…and took a look. And now I’ve discovered…I need a book. I found out they were free…at least to me. That’s the kinda price I like to see.

  • Jay

    I need these books so that I can do a better job of leading my militia. We had a rough day yesterday.

  • Rick J.

    I would play the missionary card, but I won’t sink to that level. I do live on a small island in the West Indies. I work with students in developing Christian leaders.I have a network that reaches a good number of students and student leaders in mega cities and developing countries. I will be back in the States this summer to pick them up, if I win them. I always buy a ton of books when I make it back stateside trying to stay up to date on leadership. My latest read was, “Let The Nations Be Glad”, by a guy named Piper. Have you heard of him? It was a pretty good read. (OK I played the poor missionary card on that last statement….)

  • Aaron K.

    I want to be a submissive leader in God’s work. He is leading people to me, and I want to be a well-equipped leader to build a church that glorifies the Lord.

  • You should give them to me so I can take them down to the local book store, trade them in for credit and get a book I really want. ;)

  • Need books . . . (gasp) . . . must have (ugh) books . . .

  • I shall purposely exceed the word limit, thereby disqualifying myself from winning. And I have an alternate suggestion for you, which seems (to me) to conform with a Biblical model in such matters:

    Choose from among the entries those which seem, to you, to have sound reasons to want and/or need the books, and then read Proverbs 16:33.

    Then cast lots for the recipient.


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  • Jen P

    I definitely do not deserve these books, and I may not necessarily need them. But I do want them. Mainly because when the open-minded acquire a new book, possibilities are endless

  • Billy Britt

    I invest in many churches and pastors, I would love to have the books to give to others so that they can learn to lead and build up the body of Christ.

    • Marty Duren

      Billy, I got all these from your library while you were on vacation.

  • Rick J.

    Ouch, I exceeded the word limit. Sorry. I didn’t see it, and didn’t exceed it this time. See above statement. Do it like my bracket; destroyed.

    • Rick J.

      p.s. in my local language it would have been 34 words.

  • I voted for you in Blog Madness :P

  • Jacob

    Leadership resources are desired in order to succeed in all areas of life. I desire to provide an incredible and wonderful life for my wife (you may know her).

  • Pam Byrd


    For Syd, he’s living and working in Maryland. As a born leader these books would comfort his soul and expand his touch on his new community.

  • Marty Duren

    Thanks for playing everyone. I enjoyed all your entries, especially the humorous ones. Jay’s and Benjie’s really made me laugh.

    The winner is Aaron K. Being a totally subjective decision, I can’t explain why he gets them, but he does.

    Congrats, Aaron. Email me your shipping address through the email link above.