Introducing Sam Raynor, artist

One of the most sickeningly talented artistic people I know is Sam Raynor of Gainesville, GA. I was her pastor for a number of years until she married and settled in her college town, but have always been blessed by her life and work.

Recently she finalized a website to display her various styles of art including water color and graphic art. She designed the cover for my book (which can be viewed here, hint, hint) and a Cover art for Holy Rewired by Sam Raynorwatercolor she gave me for doing pre-marriage counseling for her and Nathan hangs above my desk. Recently she designed the cover to the left for our mutual friend, Dr. David Phillips. At the top of the page is a logo she designed for the business of a friend.

Sam’s website (Sam has numerous examples of her logo work, book covers, biblical watercolors and whimsical watercolors. She can be contacted through the site.

Marty Duren

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