‘The Generous Soul: An Introduction to Missional Giving,’ available for pre-order now

The Generous Soul An Introduction to Missional Giving by Marty Duren
I am happy to announce the pre-release availability of my second book, The Generous Soul: An Introduction to Missional Giving. The back cover description:

Christians are inundated with books, messages, and larger-than-life personalities all positioned as experts on God’s will regarding finances. Countering the health-and-wealth attitude are those who abhor any suggestion of financial well-being arguing instead for a life of poverty, and the middle ground is dominated by financially passive churchgoers with little motivation toward radical giving. While Christian bookstores are filled with books on finance explaining how to have a budget, invest wisely, and make good financial decisions, there lacks a thorough study examining how Christ followers relate to money and possessions in the larger Kingdom purpose.

The Generous Soul takes a look at money and possessions from the position that the missionary mandate given to all believers extends not just to country, culture or context, but also to the financial blessings at hand, however meager they may be. Explaining that each child of God is a “missionary manager,” author Marty Duren provides a solid biblical foundation for a life of generosity toward others based on the faithfulness of God.

Here are what people are saying about The Generous Soul:

So far, planet Earth has seen the rise of one and only one fantastically wealthy nation⎯the United States of America. But increasingly we who plumb the depths of this swirling sea of money and privilege and convenience are confronting what James Houston aptly identifies as the failure of success. In The Generous Soul Marty Duren compels a confrontation between the affluent society and the generosity-shaped activity and purposes of God. In clear, accessible, penetrating prose, Duren reminds us or perhaps teaches us for the first time that hands clinched tight around the American dream are neither free to embrace Jesus nor to enjoy the benefits purchased for sinners on the Cross and woven into the very gospel itself.
Dr. Mark DeVine, Associate Professor of History and Doctrine, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University and author of Bonhoeffer Speaks Today: Following Jesus at All Costs

The echo of Carl Henry’s The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism resonates in the background of The Generous Soul. Marty Duren has penned a work that compels as much as it convicts. Just as Henry called for cultural engagement with the Gospel, Duren calls us to missional giving. As much literature of late has called attention to missional lifestyles, serious attention to making kingdom giving a financial priority has been lacking. The gap has now been filled by The Generous Soul. A must read for those that take serious the Great Commission.
Dr. Kevin King, Associate Professor of Historical Theology
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Marty Duren has provided us with an insightful and practical guide to what he calls ‘missional giving.’ From a solid theological base, Duren makes a case for giving as a powerful catalyst to spiritual growth and an essential instrument for Kingdom expansion. Anyone concerned with cultivating excellence in stewardship for the right reasons is going to benefit greatly from The Generous Soul.
Earl Creps, Ph.D., D.Min., Pastor, 360 Church, Berkeley, CA and author of Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders

Marty Duren has written a very helpful book that challenges the apathetic giving patterns of American Christians. The reason that so many give so little is not a matter of economics but of spirituality and biblical literacy (or, more accurately, illiteracy). The Bible clearly teaches what Marty calls “missional giving” and when Christians embrace the call of God to be “missionary managers” of His resources then the church will be filled with “generous souls.” Read this book to be challenged to think rightly about and handle responsibly whatever amount of wealth God has entrusted to you.
Dr. Tom Ascol, Pastor
Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida

I’m not sure I like The Generous Soul! Some books instruct while others encourage or entertain. This one convicts. I’ve been reminded of many things that we as followers of Christ are commanded to do and have been encouraged to begin again. Whether you like what Marty has written or not, yet after reading it, you’ll have to do something about what you’ve read. I know I’ve been challenged to make some changes in my own life as a result.
Rodney McCarty, Pastor
FBC Morenci, Arizona

The Generous Soul takes a fresh and compelling look at our responsibility as stewards of God’s resources. As Duren states, ‘Spending the money God has entrusted to our management, without His involvement, is embezzlement.’ This book will challenge you to the core.
Kiki Cherry, New Life Campus Ministry
Carnegie Mellon University

Delivering a blow to the chin of consumerist American Christianity, The Generous Soul lands a knock out punch. In recent years, the discussion of missional living has seemingly invaded every bookstore, blog, magazine and pulpit. Yet Marty Duren strikes at the heart of this discussion in a fresh new way, challenging believers to understand the transformative power of the gospel not only in heart, home, and mind, but in wallet and bank account as well. Exposing our materialism and pushing through our excuses, the book is helpful to any person seeking gospel priority in their life, challenging us to move from missional living to missional giving.
Rick Garrett, Church Planter, Lead Pastor
Epic Church, Orlando, FL

Chapters include, “creation has its privileges,” “providence is not a city in Rhode Island,” “missionary managers” and “Christmas every day.” Included in the book are both “meditations” and “conversations” to encourage spiritual growth whether read individually or used in group studies.

LifeWay Christian Stores will be stocking The Generous Soul at all 162 retail outlets nationwide. It will also be available through Amazon.com, bn.com and other online outlets.

The Generous Soul will be available for bulk discounts to churches and other religious or denominational organizations via publisher direct purchases. Please contact Missional Press for pricing.

Single copies may be ordered through the secure PayPal link below. Please indicate if a specific inscription inside is desired.

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