Book recommendations for Christmas

Book recommendation In twenty years as a pastor I was regularly asked about books recommendations. “What can I get for my son who want to know about Bible history?” “How can I know more theology?” “Can you recommend a good devotional guide?” I heard these questions, and others like them, dozens of times.

The short answer is, “Unless you are reading and meditating on the Bible, getting other books is the wrong order of things.” The Bible alone is God’s word, and is commended for our consumption. However, there are many books that can enhance our understanding of the scriptures by expanding our own thinking with the exposure to the thinking of others, or revealing important historical contexts underlying Biblical truth. Many books can challenge staid thinking until we, like the Bereans in the book of Acts, examine the things we believe to ensure we are holding onto the truth rather than just an accumulation of traditions that have themselves veered from the simple truth of Christ.

Beginning Monday, I will be making daily book recommendations through Christmas Eve, then each day from the 26th through the 31st (so good use can be made of those gift cards!). Each book will have a simple description, but not a review. These will cover many phases of the Christian walk, so, if you don’t see anything that meets your need on a given day, be sure and check back in the days following.

Each book will be orderable through an link. You pay the same low Amazon price, and I get a commission for each sale.

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