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August 2011

Natural disasters and discerning the motives of God

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Memories of Ernie Johnson, Sr.

An integral part of my childhood faded away last night when retired, long-time Atlanta Braves player and broadcaster, Ernie Johnson, Sr., died at the age of 87. It wouldn’t be possible to count the number of hours his voice filled my ears either from radio or TV, usually channel 17 (WTCG before it was WTBS). […]

How long is too long when preaching a sermon?

A recent post by pastor Brian Croft asks, “How long should my sermons be when I preach?” He listed three criteria: 1) Based on where your people are, not where you think they should be, 2) Based on how good and seasoned a preacher you are, and 3) To leave your people longing for more, […]