Rick Santorum on assassinating foreign nationals and American citizens

This video below pretty much speaks for itself, and addresses an ongoing concern as to how our government and military wields its power. It also makes clear that the conservative GOP candidate, Rick Santorum, has no problem with a calculated Continue reading

LifeWay’s ‘The Gospel Project’ review

While still a pastor, sometime around 2008 or 2009, I began to think about what a different kind of small group literature for a local church could look like. A few years earlier, when taking about 70 Sundays to preach Continue reading

Civil Liberties 2011: The Year in Review

Constitutional attorney, John Whitehead, is the author of numerous books, including The Second American Revolution and The Change Manifesto and founder of The Rutherford Institute. Whitehead and the Rutherford have long been defenders of religious freedom, those victimized by illegal Continue reading

How one follower of Christ decided to vote for Ron Paul, Part 4: War on Drugs

If Ron Paul’s foreign policy is viewed by some as out of the mainstream, and if his views on the gold standard are misunderstood, it seems his views on decriminalizing drugs and putting an end to the so-called “War on Continue reading