A little Friday Phil Keaggy [VIDEO]

Several years ago a friend told me, “Phil Keaggy is what The Beatles would have sounded like if they had kept going.” A YouTube commenter said of the below performance by Keaggy, “Didn’t The Beatles do a cover of this?”

It is true that Phil Keaggy sounds more like Paul McCartney than Paul McCartney does any more. But what sets Keaggy apart is both his guitar playing and his crazy smart use of technology. An early adopter of looping tools, he now does things that leave very experienced guitarists with mouths agape.

Below is a 2008 cover of The Beatles classic, Here Comes the Sun, performed at Wheaton College. Linked below is his breathtakingly beautiful Beyond Nature, one of the most profound pieces of musical art ever recorded.

Marty Duren

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  • Chris Howell

    Love it! Been a Keaggy fan since late ’70s. First album of his I owned was Love Broke Thru. Thanks for sharing this. He is a phenomenal talent.

    • Marty Duren

      I love that he’s continued to develop his talent through the years. Still cutting edge.