Department of Farmland Security? Proposed laws would further extend government overreach

“Farmers say updated child labor laws proposed by the US Department of Labor could have a chilling effect.

The department says they’re just protecting kids who work on farms.

Kids under 16 would be restricted from doing some agricultural activities the department finds dangerous.”

And we all know the expertise bureaucrats inside the Beltway have when it comes to gathering eggs, milking cows and picking veggies. Although there is one abundant farm item with which Congress is intimately familiar…

The article continues:

Stetson [Meyer, age 14] works at the pig farm his dad runs. Under proposed laws by the US Department of Labor, Stetson wouldn’t be able to work at Linden Acres, just outside of Beatrice, NE, because his dad doesn’t own it. But the Nebraska Farm Bureau says that’s just the beginning.

Jordan Dux is the National Affairs Coordinator for the Nebraska Farm Bureau. He says, “Kids under 16 can no longer work with livestock, kids under 16 can no longer go on a ladder, kids under 16 can no longer work with irrigation. They wouldn’t be able to ride on a hay wagon anymore to stack straw bails or hay bails.”

The Department of Labor’s concern is safety. They say kids working in agriculture are four times more likely to die than kids who are not.

I wonder how much more likely they are to die than kids being raised in gang territories?

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Marty Duren

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