The danger of talking to the police [VIDEO]

A former defense attorney gives a lecture at Regent College in Virginia on the dangers of giving any information at all to the police. His lecture is fast paced using plenty of slides and quotes from legal sources. It is very easy to understand, compelling and disconcerting.

His 30 minute lecture is followed by a Virginia policeman who is himself studying for the bar (or so it sounded). His time is intended to rebut the professor’s assertions, many of which sound utterly outlandish or downright conspiratorial.

As a Christ follower I believe in the authority of the government. I also believe in discernment. When living in a context where government is increasingly running off the rails, as I believe we now are, self-defense becomes more than firing a weapon to protect your life. It also means exercising your rights to protect your freedom.

This is well worth your time.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

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