Highest level Penn State officials knew of Sandusky actions

The New York Times report on an independent, trustee ordered investigation into the Jerry Sandusky matter at Penn State demonstrates damning evidence against president Graham B. Spanier; the athletic director, Tim Curley; the official in charge of the campus police, Gary Schultz; and former head football coach, the late Joe Paterno.

An email correspondence chain was discovered by associates of Louis J. Freeh, the former FBI chief hired for the investigation. According to the NYT:

The Penn State e-mails, according to the person with knowledge Jerry Sandusky mug shotof the Freeh investigation, indicate that Spanier, Curley and Schultz seemed at one point to favor reporting the assault to the state child welfare authorities, recognizing that if they did not, they could later be vulnerable to charges that they had failed to act.

But in one e-mail, Curley wrote that after talking to Paterno, he no longer wanted to go forward with that plan.

In the end, the university told no one other than officials with Second Mile, the charity for disadvantaged youngsters founded by Sandusky.

The e-mails suggest that the officials decided that Sandusky could be dealt with by barring him from taking children onto the campus and encouraging him to seek professional help.

Not reporting the accusation to the authorities, the men determined, was the more “humane” way to deal with Sandusky, according to the e-mails.

It is a shame Penn State’s upper echelon were not more concerned about “humane” treatment for Sandusky’s victims.

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