‘The Most Hated Family In America,’ documentary on the Westboro cult [VIDEO]

Westboro Baptist Church sign Westboro cult

Sign outside “The Place” of the Westboro cult.

To bring this recent series on the Westboro cult to a close, I wanted to point your attention to a BBC documentary entitled The Most Hated Family in America. In 2007 British documentary film maker Louis Theroux traveled to Topeka, Kansas to spend time with the family of Westoro cult founder, Fred Phelps. Theroux allows nearly all of the primaries–including Fred Phelps himself–do the talking for themselves. His subtlety plays as dimwittedness at times, and the family members cannot help but talk to him.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of Fred and most active member of Westboro, plainly says the Westboro cult does not exist to reach people for Christ. She also denies they are a cult. That alone should be exhibit number one that it is. Also featured is a man who came to Westboro for the purpose of filming a documentary only to join the cult himself.

The Most Hated Family in America has been edited into nine parts by a nice YouTuber. I will post the documentary in two posts. Below are parts 1-3. Part 2 includes a sermon excerpt by Fred Phelps himself. He reminds me of Leonid Brezhnev near the end of his life being propped up by the apparatchik or something. Phelps ideology remains the driving force behind the cult, even if he is old and moves slow.

Oh, and it appears Billy Graham is a hell-bound heretic whose funeral will be picketed by the Westboro cult.

WARNING: There is graphic swearing in sections as well as horrible language toward other people including homosexual persons, Jews, military persons, and others. There are also disturbing images and situations.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  • Chuck

    Watched the vids…it’s like watching the freak show on the midway at the county fair.

    One thing that struck me is how they went to seed on one topic and it became the centerpiece of their theological construct. Everything they believe and do seems to be measured according to Phelps’ repulsion of “fags,” which he has passed on to the next generations in his family. It’s quite a stretch to connect U.S. military service with support of fags and thus picket dead soldiers!

    Also, as I watched, I found that one could insert other common fundy pet peeves in place of homosexuality and it still works… GodhatesnonKJVonly.com GodhatesCalvinists.com Godhateswomenpreachers.com etc, etc.

    The Westboro cult is one of the more entertaining caricatures of fundamentalism. I don’t know if it really tarnishes the Baptist name much but it sure doesn’t help Lawyers any (tho’ Phelps IS disbarred).

    • Marty Duren

      I think there are 11 lawyers in the family. “Gramps” demanded that all his kids be lawyers, no doubt to fight freedom of speech issues and well as make enough cash to travel around the country all the time.

  • Disturbing. But, I have read a similar tone by many on Baptist blogs when people disagree. Guessing Westboro takes it to “whole nutha level.”

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