When your book goes out of print…

Amazon.com has long been on of my favorite websites. We order books, pet supplements, Christmas presents and download music with regularity.

One unique thing about Amazon is their marketplace where Amazon, for a fee, promotes their own competitors. Don’t want the new book from Amazon? There is a very good chance you can order it used from a competitor from the same page.

Today I was looking at the book I had listed there until it went out of print, The Generous Soul. (The same book I am giving away in serial form on this blog. Search “Generous Soul” to get started.) What I found was amusing. Four dealers claim to have new copies of the book. Since the paper copies are out of print, however, these dealers are treating it like a real collectors item. My < $15 book sells for up to $111.96! If I had only known... the generous soul out of print

The Generous Soul is still available for Kindle.

Marty Duren

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