The strangest search phrase ever or SEO can’t help you now

One of the cool things about blogging having the ability to see the search terms people used to find your blog. Daily Kingdom in the Midst gets hits from all over the world, many finding old articles, and some finding images I have used in posts.

One of the most popular searches leading to this blog is “presidential seal,” which leads to this post from a few years ago.

I also get a lot of hits from people researching Haiti, foreign aid and a poem by Mother Teresa (discovered today by a searcher from Armenia).

Today I had the strangest search phrase ever to lead a person to my blog. Here it is in full:

you will write a five-page argument on same sex marriage. controversial topics are often what people look for to write about, but using local issues, issues you are familiar with, or issues less controversial (whether to use a real christmas tree or a fake one, for example) work just as well. sometimes using less controversial topics are easier to work with than highly charged topics, but in any case, choose a topic you already know something about. the focus here will be on how well you can pr

It sure looks like a student copied and pasted their entire homework assignment into a search bar and went for it. I sure hope they found something they could use.

Marty Duren

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