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I have been blogging for nearly 9 years, and truly enjoy the medium. It has provided a way for me to engage others, hone my writing craft, and develop ideas. Debate has been fruitful, lively and, mostly, forward moving.

Recently I read Platform by Michael Hyatt (click here to see on Hyatt is one of the most widely read bloggers in all of evangelical life. I could not begin to carry his keyboard. Or iPad. His blog, his tools, and his way of blogging have become somewhat of a “gold standard” for serious bloggers.

One thing he mentioned in Platform is to find a niche or focus and stick with it. Too wide a variety does not allow for a strong readership to build. Too much variety on a blog is like buying Good Housekeeping to find one article about home decor, another about spark plug gaps, and another about the difference between true north and magnetic north. Such an effort would not sell much because the topics are not related in any way. (Unless you need to set your spark plug gaps to drive back from Bed, Bath and Beyond, to your home at the North Pole, perhaps.)

That poses quite a quandary for me because I have so many interests. My curiosity drives me to an every widening sphere, to which many people feel very little draw. This is somewhat frustrating since, like most writers, I desire readers, and would like to increase the number of readers who frequent Kingdom in the Midst.

To help me narrow the field a little, I’d like to ask you to express your opinion below. It seems the issues of interest to my current readership (that would be you) would be of interest to your friends and acquaintances. This would help me be more focused and help my blog get better as a result.

There are 10 broad topics included. Click the “radio button” beside as many as apply. At the bottom is a place for you to enter a topic I may have overlooked. Remember, these are broad topics so do not be too specific.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute to complete the poll. Also, if you have time, I’d love for you to tell me which recent post was the best from your perspective. Use the comment section to let me know.

Note: Once you click a button the program will not allow an “unclick.” Reloading the page may help, otherwise write a note stating which one was chosen by accident. Again, you can choose as few or as many as you want. Thx.

The poll is now closed. Thank you.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • I agree w Dan. I think there is a place for your commentary on the issues you Adress because you balance biblical perspective, grace and sarcasm. Too many conservative pundits are too acerbic and graceless. You have a nice mix.

    Also I think Hyatt addresses a variety of topics as well and tabulates his pages. Granted, the topics are somewhat related, but it may be more of a question of how you visually structure the blog as opposed to content to exclude. You.may need to reduce themes by a couple or start a second blog to express some of your less political, biblical, social justice issues. I feel those are your top strengths.

    Keep writing!

    • Marty Duren

      Thx, Chris. Your counsel is always thoughtful and appreciated.

  • R. Duren

    I think you should keep doing what you’re doing! If I see an article that I’m not particularly interested in, I may skip it or come back to it another time. However, often times, you are bringing issues to light that we need to know about, or you’re providing a unique perspective to other issues (ie Chick-Fil-A). As long as you’re not bad-mouthing the University of Alabama, I’ll keep reading!!!