Planned Parenthood rally at the DNC is hyped but poorly attended

A story this afternoon on purported to show two different faces of today’s Planned Parenthood rally at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. The Democratic National Convention will likely pass the most extreme pro-choice platform ever codified by an American political party. It will be a platform that promotes the continued legal status of abortion on demand. That is, the legal right of a woman to kill a child in the womb at any point from conception through live birth. Much of this aborting will be handled by Planned Parenthood the nations largest and best funded abortion provider.

Two photos from the pro-life website were crowd shots, taken close to the stage. One of them was angled in such a way to give the impression of very high attendance. The other was taken from inside the crowd, again giving the perception of a full house.

The first, taken as Cory Booker addressed the gathering, features a swath of pink shirts at ground level, with pink shirts and placards surrounding the Newark mayor onstage.

Cory Booker at planned parenthood rally democratic national convention

Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, addresses Planned Parenthood supporters at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Concerned that a pro-life site might give a distorted picture themselves due to their abhorrence toward Planned Parenthood, I looked for a “neutral” site. I found one in the New Jersey Star-Ledger and writer David Giambusso. Giambusso took a similarly distorted shot giving the impression of a large crowd when, in fact, no such crowd existed. The Star-Ledger reporter described the gathering as “a flock of abortion-rights advocates from Planned Parenthood.”

Thre additional pictures were posted from well back of the stage. These three photos were from the tweets embedded below. The first is from Mary Katharine Ham:

planned parenthood rally democratic national convention 2012

From the right rear of the “crowd.”

John McCormack of the Weekly Standard tweeted pictures twice. It is easy to see a mostly empty plaza with only a smattering of pink-shirted supporters in front of the stage. It looks as if there are as many media in attendance as Planned Parenthood supporters.

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