Halfway to 13.1: A half-marathon training update

About three weeks ago I made a decision to register for a half-marathon to be held in November. I wrote about that here.

For the two people interested in keeping tabs on me or learning something that might help you, here is an update.

I have continued to run one mile as fast as I can about three mornings a week. This remains, for me at least, a difficult run as it has more than 120 feet elevation loss and gain

running on the beach

This is not me. [Image credit]

over the course of the mile. The upside is it gets me in calorie burn mode early and helps strengthen my legs. Because I do it on an empty stomach I am hoping my body will burn calories more efficiently when properly fueled.

There is absolutely no proof that it will, however.

On the advice of counsel core strengthening exercises have become part of my routine. Some of them feel kinda weird, but hey, maybe it will work. (Click here to see some suggested exercises from the Mayo Clinic for killing yourself strengthening your core muscles.)

My Saturdays are for longer runs. The past few weeks I have increased from 5.08 to 5.79 to 6.21. I will need to skip a seven miler and go to eight in order to close in on 13 before race day. Positively, though, my pace is staying mostly consistent even when adding length. My last three Saturday runs (in whole miles) are

Distance: 5.08
Splits: 7:23, 8:09, 8:10, 8:15, 7:52

Distance: 5.79
Splits: 7:17, 8:10, 7:58, 7:50, 8:00

Distance: 6.21
Splits: 7:56, 7:34, 7:53, 8:35, 8:30, 8:35

I went out much too fast on a difficult first mile during the last run, and wound up out of gas. Have to be careful of that on race day to be sure. An 8:00 min pace goal for the race seems within reach.

I would be remiss not to shout out to Adidas for a really good running shoe, the adiZero Sonic 3. I have run with Nike, Fila and Adidas. I much prefer Adidas.

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  • Barry Davis

    You’re knocking it out! Do some test runs with different fuels. I like the shot blocs. Some others have…um…unwelcome side effects.

    • Marty Duren

      lol. Yeah, I don’t need any, uh, emergency stops.