Obama surrounds himself with children just like…

A meme circulating heavily this morning has to do with President Obama’s scheduled speech on gun control. According to White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney,

[T]he president will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden as well as children who wrote to the president after the Newtown shootings.
“They will be joined by children around the country expressing their concerns about gun violence and school safety, along with their parents,”

Both passions and accusations have run high since the Newtown, CT massacre as Sandy Hook Elementary School. The image below is one.
obama dictators children

I mean, seriously, if Hitler, Mao, and Stalin had their pictures made with children does that not make Obama equal to them?

I drink bottled water. I’m sure every president in recent memory drinks bottled water. That does not mean I am or have been the president. We will forego the old putting pants on one leg at a time saw.

The stupid thing about the meme is, like many of the same genre, there is no context at all. They are simply pictures of a known leader and kids. Except for Stalin. That’s a drawing. He had probably already killed those kids. Or, maybe they were happy to get another potato. [UPDATE: A missionary friend of mine had this to say about the Stalin poster: “What’s ironic is that the Stalin poster is actually a parody. It says, ‘Thank you dear Stalin for shooting our parents.'”]

But, since we are on the subject, here is another well known dictator with a bunch of kids:
bush and kids

And another (in fairness he did not get the chance to be dictator, but would have):
rfk with children

And another:
Clinton with children

And another:
ronald reagan with children

Please don’t fall for these things. Guilt by association is not the domain of truth seekers. Besides that, easily disproven assertions weakens your argument and your credibility.

Oh, and that thing about Hitler taking away all the guns in Germany before the Holocaust? You might want to check again. It is not true. And here is a solid explanation of the Hitler “For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration” quote. Hint: He did not say it.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Great post on thinking through social media propaganda that is meant to illicit an emotional reaction than a logical response!

  • Marty,
    There are a number of photos out there with many a pastor surrounded by children during a Children’s Sermon or other event. But wait, aren’t many pastors dictators? Could not resist?

  • Christiane

    The NRA ad focusing on Obama’s daughters is a horrible example of children being exploited by an organization for their political agenda. I hear the ad backfired and the NRA is now many points lower in the public opinion stats.

  • Matt Svoboda


    Great post. I agree with you 100% that people should not fall for these silly things.

    At the same time, I must confess that I was disgusted to hear that Obama was going to surround himself with kids during his speech. Any time a politician, of any party, exploits kids for political posturing is disgusting to me.

  • Dave Miller

    I was okay till you messed with Ronnie!

    • martyduren

      I had a picture of him with the Easter Bunny but it was too small. Would that have been better?

  • Hitler didn’t disarm the Jews prior to the holocaust?

    • martyduren

      Though a little lengthy, the link at the bottom is worth the read. From it: “To summarize, Hitler did “effect total gun control,” but only for the Jews, and only after his regime had been in power for several years. For the rest of the population he relied on laws already in place.

      To focus exclusively on gun control is to lose sight of the larger picture. The Nazis controlled EVERYTHING.”

  • Warren Griffin

    I can give you at least 16,000,000,000,000 reasons why Obama doesn’t care about my kids or grandkids.