“180” Movie [VIDEO]

I have never been much of a Ray Comfort fan. Perhaps it has to do with that sad, sad “disproving evolution with a banana” video, or perhaps it was a sad, sad debate performance I witnessed a few years back. Either way there was not much of a compelling reason to keep up with his stuff.

180 video ray comfort

A screen grab from “180.”

A couple of weeks ago, my youngest daughter told me about a short documentary she had just seen, titled “180.” As I had just written on the Holocaust (here and here) she thought I would be interested. The movie, she said, featured this guy just talking to people on the street about the Holocaust and abortion. It was very persuasive, she said. I should watch it, she said.

Then she sent the link.

When I saw Ray Comfort at the very beginning I winced. But, since I promised to watch it and she was so adamant it was good, I let it roll.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Filling the full breadth of his person-on-the-street interview style, Comfort takes his microphone to an area resembling Venice Beach. The subject is the Holocaust. Questions focus on personal responsibility and reasoning. Would you have followed orders? How far? Where would you draw the line? Why?

He then turns to abortion as the person-on-the-street realizes, slowly at times, the distinct and unarguable parallels.

A couple of times I thought Comfort was veering into politics, but he did not. He does during a section squeeze in his “Way of the Master” style of street evangelism. Like that part or loathe it, I will say the man is bold.

This is about half-an-hour. It is worth the time if for no other reason to be reminded of the inconsistencies we all face if we think incompletely about issues.

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  • chuck

    0 comments til now? Wow. I guess liberating soldiers will have to march us thru the American abortion death camps before the horrors of a second holocaust hit home.

    Every 93 seconds a baby dies by legal, intentional abortion in America. .. Why is it legal? It’s never been on a popular ballot to vote yea or nay, has it. If it did come to a “vote,” sad to say– it would pass in 2013 Amerika.

    It will ALWAYS continue to be legal in the U.S. Follow the money. But if enough individual hearts are changed, it could hopefully cease to be such a popular option amongst the people.

    Re Mr. Comfort’s style–I’m surprised he didn’t have a baby in his arms during the street interviews! He can be annoying, but on this issue I think that’s what it takes.