Exactly how much will some people lie? Jimmy Kimmel knows

Jimmy Kimmel has a segment on his show called “Lie Witness News.” It is similar to other person-on-the-street interviews with this caveat: the interviewer is asking completely bogus questions. Nothing about the questions is true because nothing about them can be true. “What did you think about the debate?” when the debate has not taken place. “Who are you voting for?” when no such office exists.

liar pinocchio

Image credit: Disney

As Kimmel wryly notes, “We found people who had strong opinions about these imaginary events.”

One thing this demonstrates is people will lie and sometimes continuously if it makes them looks smart. Or if they think it makes them look smart. While this is likely true everywhere, it is doubtless true on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Did you vote in today’s vice-presidential election?”

And then there is this one where one of the liars shows up on the studio audience. He does not escape Kimmel’s attention.

“Who Won Last Night’s First-lady Debate?”

Marty Duren

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  • The “new iPhone” ones are similarly priceless.

  • Steve Martin

    Haven’t seen the show. Jimmy Kimmel is funny…but also very vulgar.

    the Old Adam