Planned Parenthood defends infanticide [VIDEO]

Planned Parenthood has worked tirelessly to ensure the long term viability of abortion-on-demand in America. With a mantra of “between a woman and her doctor” they have earned the title of America’s largest abortion mill. Perhaps now they will also become America’s largest infanticide provider as well. Some are calling this “post-birth abortion,” but that is erroneous. It is infanticide just as surely as practiced by the worshipers of Moloch in ancient history.

Recently, perhaps inadvertently, Planned Parenthood spokesperson Lisa LePolt Snow gave a chilling application to Planned Parenthood’s slogan “every child a wanted child.” Speaking before a Florida legislature committee Snow made it clear that abortion survivors, in the view of Parenthood Parenthood, have no right to life (see video below).

A botched abortion survivor can be a perfectly healthy newborn. Botched abortions do not feature dismembered torsos; those are successful abortions. The result of a botched abortion is a patient rather than a victim.

What is Planned Parenthood’s response? The life or death of a survivor should be determined by the birth mother, her doctor and her family. “We believe that any decision that’s made should be up to the family…the woman, her family and the physician,” said Snow. She was not speaking for herself, but for Planned Parenthood. (It is up to interpretation for her, as a spokesperson for PP, to say “I am not an abortion provider.” She may not personally do abortions, but she is a de facto provider via her company.)

What is Planned Parenthood’s reasoning? A trauma center might be too far away to help the child.

So, to wrap this up, Planned Parenthood’s official stance is if a child survives the first attempt to kill it, the mother, her family and her doctor should decide whether to kill if for good. If they decide to let it live but the logistics of getting the baby to a trauma center are too inconvenient, well, it’s into the bucket for the baby.

Snow also references a “neutrality clause” which means any “law would not change the legal status or legal rights of anyone prior to being ‘born alive’.” Supporting the “neutrality clause” does not mean PP takes no position, the normal meaning of being neutral. It means PP supports the law being neutral toward a child’s rights as a viable fetus if it is scheduled for abortion. In other words the law cannot be interpreted as providing rights to a fetus so “every child a wanted child” can remain intact.

According to Planned Parenthood a child’s desirability determines if he or she should live or die, but, essentially, its desirability determines its very humanity.

So, kudos to Planned Parenthood for their logical consistency in defending infanticide. Those who support the right of children to be born have long argued that if life is not from conception (or at the very, very least implantation) assignment of “living” is arbitrary. Planned Parenthood understands this and is merely being consistent in their view. If a child can be killed in the womb, there are no convincing arguments, either logical or a moral, as to why a child cannot be killed on the table, abandoned in the trash, burned alive in an incinerator or poisoned in the nursery.

Well done, PP. Well done.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

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  • jay

    Yesterday I had the flu and my body was sick. Today, my soul is sickened from watching this video.

    a) Not to bash Lisa Snow too hard on a personal level, but she doesn’t play dumb very well. Either that or PP needs to a new spokesman who can actual talk on something higher than a 6th grade level in front of people

    b) The issue at hand is disgusting. Basically she is saying that PP has a problem with a baby being born if it’s not convenient for them (too far away from the hospital). Well, that would be there stance all along isn’t it. Baby not desired or its an inconvenience to them so let’s kill it. Ugh…..

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