Testing Tenacious Tea, a review

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a son of the South I was raised on sweet tea. So when I saw my friend Robin Law was promoting a new drink called Tenacious Tea, I asked for a few bottles to review. Shortly I received a sampling of Southern Sweet, Rockin’ Raspberry, Lightnin’ Lemon, and Powerhouse Peach.

Tenacious TeaCalled a “Sports Tea” the Alpharetta Beverage Company, makers of Tenacious Tea, claim that it, “Re-hydrates the body like water yet contain antioxidants and polythenols not found in any other isotonics, flavored waters or fruit drinks.”

As a fan of various bottled tea types I was curious as to the difference between Snapple, Granny’s, Arizona, and the rest.

The first thing I noticed was a label reading “NO CAFFEINE” and “NO CALORIES.” No caffeine is cool since we only drink decaf tea anyway. But no calories hinted to me I was looking at an aspartame product.

Was I ever wrong.

I cracked open a bottle of the Southern Sweet right out of the box and was not impressed. Of course, it was room temperature. I put a few of the others in the fridge overnight and tried the Rockin’ Raspberry the next day. Loved it. The Peach is really good. Even the Lemon is good, and I normally do not like any lemon in my tea.

Tenacious Tea is a red tea sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia. This particular red tea is derived from the Rooibus plant which only grows in South Africa. According to Alpharetta Beverage Company Tenacious Tea has more than a dozen anti-oxidants.

It is currently available at select Georgia locations including North Fulton (Chastain Park) and Bobby Jones Golf Courses, Henri’s Bakery, Cafe at Pharr, Whole Foods West Paces Ferry, Whole Foods on Ponce, Harry’s Farmers Market Paces Ferry, Whole Foods Duluth, Sophie’s Uptown in Buckhead, Fern’s @ Serenbees Chattahoochee, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Newnan), Peachtree Natural Foods Peachtree City, Harry’s Farmers Market Alpharetta, Sugar Magnolias (Downtown Newnan), Coweta Club Newnan, Nuts & Berries Brookhaven, and Complete Chiropractic Center Fayetteville.

I hope to see Tenacious Tea in Nashville soon!

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.