Live blogging the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, August 8-9, 2013

Here at Kingdom in the Midst I’ll be live blogging the 2013 Global Leadership Summit presented by the Willow Creek Association. Presenters on this year’s faculty include annual favorite Patrick Lencioni, Bob Goff, Brene Brown, Liz Willow Creek Leadership SummittWiseman, Vijay Govindarajan, Henry Cloud, Colin Powell, Bill Hybels and others. It looks like another great year.

Dollar for dollar this is far and away the best conference I have ever attended. Presenters are almost always stellar. More provocative thought leadership is rarely gathered for a single event. The Summit was Catalyst before Catalyst was cool and remains cooler than Catalyst. Frankly, the Summit neither tries to be or needs to be cool. It’s all about the content, and leadership loves content.

I will live blog as many different presenters as my fingers and wi-fi connection will allow. Check the home page for each subsequent entry. I will also try to link them here.

Session 1, Bill Hybels

Marty Duren

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