Live blogging the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, Day Two

Yesterday, I live blogged most of the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit speaker by speaker. At the end of the day I realized all of those posts done individually created a lot of inbox content via email. Today, I’m doing one post with all speakers inclusive, or as many as I can do. The Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit remains the best annual conference I have ever attended.

Today’s lineup is:
Joseph Grenny
Vijay Govindarajan
Dr. Brene Brown
Oscar Muriu
Dr. Henry Cloud
Hybels, Mellada & Gary Schwammlein
Andy Stanley

I’ll live blog straight down according to order of speakers.

Joseph Grenny
Business strategy expert who has developed a proven method for driving sustainable and measurable change in human behavior

Founded corporate training company, VitalSmarts—one of the fastest growing companies in America that has taught 300 of the Fortune 500 Companies

Utilizing a research-based approach to organizational effectiveness, he is author of four best-selling books including Crucial Conversations and Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

Vijay Govindarajan
Ranked #3 on Thinkers 50, an elite list of global business minds published bi-annually

Educated in India, he held faculty positions at top business schools: Harvard University, INSEAD, Indian Institute of Management and Tuck School of Business

Named as one of the Top Ten Business School Professors in the World, Business Week; Top Five Most Respected Executive Coaches on Strategy, Forbes; Rising Super Stars, The Economist

A prolific business author, his books include The Other Side of Innovation and Reverse Innovation

Oscar Muriu

Under his leadership, Nairobi Chapel has grown from a 40 person local church to a network of 30 churches with more than 14,000 weekly worshippers

Following a passionate conviction to raise up and develop a legacy of leaders, Nairobi Chapel has trained more than 500 interns

His vision is to see the African church rise up to its place and calling in the Global Church

A thriving missions-focused congregation, Nairobi Chapel operates an HIV/AIDS ministry and has a vision to plant 300 churches in Africa and worldwide

Marty Duren

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