What Happens to People Who Do Not Hear the Gospel? [VIDEO]

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast Sunday I had the honor to preach at both campuses of The Fellowship. My friend Philip Nation, the teaching pastor at The Fellowship, was out of the country ministering at a seminary in Ukraine.

(Our mutual friend, Matt Capps, was asked to speak at one campus and I at the other, but Matt had to attend to a family emergency. I got the double blessing. Matt owes me lunch.)

Philip asked me to address the subject “What Happens to People Who Do Not Hear the Gospel?” I think this is one of–if not the–toughest question inside the church. We’ve lost our grasp on the severity of sin and have forgotten the offense it is to God. As a result we have mistaken the meaning of “innocence” as it relates to God’s holiness.

Below is the video of my attempt to address this broad topic in a single session. Yes, I realize I’m not Billy Graham or Adrian Rogers, and another setting might allow a fuller explanation with more scripture brought to bear on the subject. Still, my prayer is that this talk helps motivate each follower of Jesus in obedience to the Great Imperative, aka the Great Commission.

What Happens to People Who Never Hear the Gospel from The Fellowship on Vimeo.

3rd message in the "Real Questions People Ask" series. Recorded live at The Fellowship at Two Rivers in Nashville on September 29, 2013. Message by Marty Duren.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Bob Cleveland

    I don’t have time to listen now, but I will share one conviction I have. He says we can know of His invisible qualities .. and this His existence .. through the creation. I am convinced that, when someone realizes that, and wants to know the Creator, God will institute the next step. I have heard enough miraculous stories about how folks have been saved, to be convinced of that.

    • martyduren

      This will likely serve as another tool to which you can refer folks for study. My talk begins around the 30:00 mark.

      • Bob Cleveland

        Good stuff.