Hanukkah: the Festival of Lights explained [VIDEO]

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year Hanukkah started the night before Thanksgiving which is just a little unusual.

2013 brings “Thanksgivingukkah.” Normally Hanukkah is celebrated around the time of Christmas or slightly earlier. It sometimes even stretches past New Year’s Day. This year it happy-hanukkah-candle-lightbegins before Thanksgiving for the first time since 1888. This convergence between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will not occur again for almost another 78,000 years.

78,000 years. You really must enjoy the mashup this time around.

Most American Christians know little of Hanukkah (also spelled “Chanukah,” “Chanuka,” “Chanukkah” and a few other renditions) apart from candles and Adam Sandler. Here’s a long explanation of the Jewish celebration. Here’s a summary.

This video by The Maccabeats (a nice play on Maccabees) is every bit as good as Sandler’s comic songs while enlightening viewers to the meaning of the celebration. Does not hurt that they use Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” for the tune.

Marty Duren

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