The Top 13 of 2013

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the spirit of the year-end season, here are the Top 13 posts at Kingdom in the Midst as determined by number of page views.

1. Did Starbucks’ Howard Schultz really say, “We don’t want your business?” (This one also had a lot of views when cross-posted at Christian Post.)

2. Schools, sex and degradation: losing the sacred (This one likely had the most shares in social media from Kingdom in the Midst.)


3. An open letter to a fired waitress: I’m sorry we are so stingy

4. Evangelical trafficking? A guest post by Caleb David

5. Depression: When the black dog howls (This post was, I believe, the most linked-to post of the year.)

6. One thing children of Christian parents need to see

7. Against the objectification of females

8. Sex trafficking: One survivor’s story (This four part series was the most read series of the year.)

9. A survivor’s story: Sexual abuse started early

10. A survivor’s story: Into the abyss

11. A survivor’s story: Rescue and redemption

12. When we talk about “pre-marital” sex

13. Why passive-aggressive Christian leadership must go away

Thanks to everyone who read posts this year, commented and supported Kingdom in the Midst through advertising or Amazon purchases. Your participation in this journey is greatly appreciated!

Top 13 graphic by Christie Garrett.

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