Radical Feminist Cannibalism: The Gendercide of Unwanted Girls

Surely the cruelest of all ironies is the idea that the abortion-on-demand somehow strikes a blow for women’s rights. Such thinking is a bleeding wound in our national conscience and logical incoherence on the part of radial pro-abortionists.

For females to support the abortion of females is philosophical cannibalism and physical destruction in the name of progress and personal freedom. If one person’s freedom stops where another’s body starts, then abortion is the most heinous behavior ever foisted on a generation. Abortion is no more about a woman’s reproductive rights than Charles Manson’s infatuation with The Beatles was about music appreciation.

Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft [Image: Wikipedia]

Oddly enough, early feminist leaders realized abortion has absolutely nothing to do with women’s rights or personal freedom. The British writer Mary Wollstonecraft wrote:

Women…sacrificing to lasciviousness the parental affection…either destroy the embryo in the womb, or cast if off when born. Nature in everything demands respect, and those who violate her laws seldom violate them with impunity.

Feminist Erika Bachiochi rejected abortion as a woman’s right issue concluding:

[A]bortion hijacked feminism. Rather than elevate the status of the feminine virtues in the public square and teach the power of serving, as a true feminism ought, mainstream feminism, having allowed itself to be corrupted by the abortion imperative, taught women to place ambitions and desires of the self above those in need, and to value power more than truth and love. Some women, persuaded by this corrupted feminism, have sacrificed their very womanliness—most manifest in the ability to bear a child—by having abortions in order to continue pursuing success in the public square. Such a course of action is inherently anti-woman…Hearts will not change concerning abortion until women…insist through both words and deeds that acts of love are far more impressive, attractive and noble than acts of power.

I encourage you to read this entire article Feminism and Gendercide of Unwanted Girls at Quadrant Online. Citations from the above quote are found there.

Alice Paul, who drafted the original version of the Equal Rights Amendment, referred to abortion as “the ultimate exploitation of women.”

Martha Bayles noted in The Atlantic:

not enough attention has been paid to the twisted logic of pro-choice rhetoric.

Those words were written in 1990.

Bayles, again:

The original pro-choice argument is rooted in the classical liberal affirmation of every man’s right to own his own body. Critical of liberalism for its failure to extend this right equally to women, pro-choicers define abortion as the essence of every woman’s right to own her own body. In Abortion & The Politics of Motherhood, Kristin Luker’s 1984 study of attitudes on both sides of the abortion debate, one activist put it this way: “we can get all the rights in the world…and none of them means a doggone thing if we don’t own the flesh we stand in.”

The obvious objection to this argument is that a fetus is not just part of a woman’s body.

The early feminists, some well-known and some not, were overwhelmingly pro-life. Among them were Susan B. Anthony, Pearl S. Buck, Jane Addams and Louisa May Alcott. Others include Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sarah Norton, Eleanor Kirk, Victoria Woodhull, and Mattie Brinkerhoff.

Cristina Odone, writing in the UK Telegraph, lays it out well:

When parents can abort a baby because it’s a girl, they are guilty of the worst kind of sexism. Rape, porn, the tyranny of beauty that compels little girls to perform plastic surgery to attain perfection: these are nothing in comparison to the mindset that will not allow for girls to be conceived in the first place. Our daughters – and not just in immigrant communities – are learning that a girl’s life is worthless. Feminists should be up in arms about this. They are not. While they have fought tooth and nail the sexist app that allows little girls to perform plastic surgery on a Barbie, most have stayed silent on a far worse crime against women.

Why? because some so-called feminists believe the right to abortion trumps everything.

Radicalized abortionists, those for whom the right to abortion-on-demand = feminism, have doubled down. “Despite the mission statements of pro-life, conservative political action groups like Feminists for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List and Sarah Palin’s repeated use of the F-word, there is actually no such thing as a “pro-life feminist,” writes Tracey Egan Morrissey in Jezebel. Thankfully, national views on abortion are turning against the radical, pro-abortion feminists. Historical feminists would do well to continue to marginalize them completely. The rest of us already are.

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