Is it time to remove Ann Coulter from the stage?

Ultra right-wing pundit Ann Coulter has long made her living saying and writing shocking things. Long has her support base included conservatives who, I can only surmise, have grown accustomed to the stench of the sewer.

Many who have consumed her writings are those who claim Jesus Christ, but her writing tone make one wonder, “Should this be a person who influences our thinking?” After her rant on Dr. Kent Brantly yesterday several of my friends were highly critical. One wrote on Facebook, “And here’s why you shouldn’t care about what Ann Coulter has to say. This may be the worst thing I’ve ever read.” Another, “Just read a disgusting, culturally-myopic, antiChrist commentary on Dr. Brantly’s work in Liberia by Ann Coulter. She just doesn’t get it.”

It is time that Ann Coulter should be disinvited to any serious discussion of any topic.

Coulter’s bombastic rant was aimed at Dr. Kent Brantly, the American doctor who became infected with Ebola while serving patients in the African country of Liberia. In the title of her post she suggests his condition as been “downgraded to idiotic.” She writes,

Why did Dr. Brantly have to go to Africa? The very first “risk factor” listed by the Mayo Clinic for Ebola — an incurable disease with a 90 percent fatality rate — is: “Travel to Africa.”

Can’t anyone serve Christ in America anymore?

(Coulter will not get the benefit of a link from me. You’ll need to look it up.)

Those looking only for a political argument may like Coulter’s main thesis, which is America first, we can attribute this decision to Obamacare, blah, blah, blah. Those of us who are followers of Jesus, however, must reject her philosophy immediately, intensely and thoroughly.

The history of Christ’s followers is that of sacrifice. Whether going into tsunami ravaged areas, earthquake destruction, economic devastation, disease infested populations, being crucified upside down, beheaded or some other of the worst this world can offer, our legacy is picking up our cross and following Jesus. In his post, “Ebola, Ann Coulter, and the Bankruptcy of ‘Save Yourself’ Christianity,” Alan Cross picks up on this very point:

If we wonder what happened to the influence of the Church in America (as Ann Coulter bemoans in her article), maybe it has waned because we are no longer a people who will lay down our lives for others?

Our legacy is not, “My country first, the rest of the world is on its own.” Mission critical has always been the same: the gospel of Jesus, to the whole world, for all peoples, until His return.

Simply put, it is time for Coulter to be moved off the stage of national conversation. She is a fringe player and should be kept firmly and finally on the distant edge. I’m not calling for her to be censored by government fiat. It is a call for her to be marginalized due to a disinterested, disgusted, and diminishing audience.

Ann Coulter should be consigned to the same philosophical trash heap as Donald Trump [written before he announced his candidacy], Alex Jones, Planned Parenthood spokespersons, and the Exalted Supreme Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. Even Antoine Dodson should have a bigger platform than Coulter.

You may choose to immerse yourself in the cesspool of thinking that is Ann Coulter, but be forewarned: if you start drowning, do not expect anything that comes drifting by to keep you afloat.

UPDATE: Some things never change. This is way over the line for someone who caters to the Christian community on political issues.

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Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Jacob

    This woman is a troll. She HAS to be.
    I can’t buy that a rational human being truly believes the vitriol that she spews out- not really.
    Anytime I have ever had the misfortune of reading or hearing her words, it’s always the same recipe of:
    1 part misinformed pseudo-patriotic (read: nationalistic) mumbo-jumbo
    1 part Republican party propaganda
    2 parts cruel and cynical mockery of someone’s misfortune

    I’ve long held the belief that Coulter would make a most terrifying Disney villain.

  • Ken

    Thx Marty you saved me a lot of time saying what I would have like to have said. It seems that many times American Christians get their missionn agenda and training more from CNN , Fox, or …. than the bible. While I think she is free to write and think and say whatever, I wish more Christians would get their views from the bible than say CNN or …. Ann Coulter.

  • Bob Cleveland

    Ms. Coulter simply established her own score on the “Self-Sacrificial” Scale.

  • Well said Marty.

  • Heidi Weimer
  • Ken


    Have had time to think about this. I agree with what you write. But… here is the problem: In my opinion Ann reflects the ideas ( Well at least the actions) of a majority of people in our denom. , including pastors.

    While many churches criticize her, she is simply saying what a lot of our churches are doing and that is, staying home. I am speaking of actions that we do, not words of what we say we believe. To me the two are different. Actions show what we really believe.

    Few churches are really going or giving to the most needed ethnic groups. The vast majority are just fine right here at home. Our own IMB which focuses on those least reached places ( UPG’s) is dwindling down. 5600 units 5 yrs ago to 4900 today. I can’t tell you how many times people complain to me and say something like ” Why do you guys always go overseas, Don’t we have lost people right here?” Some of these are pastors like the mega church pastor who told my M friend “Our mission field is our neighborhood. We don’t go or send people overseas”.

    Wow. So while I think Ann is off on her stated ideas, I think she reflects more of American Christians actual actions than we would like to admit.

  • Richard

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  • Steven M Levy

    Isn’t Ann Coulter really a man?