Introducing The Fourth Estate–Podcast Episode 001

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On the inaugural edition of The Fourth Estate Podcast, I answer “What is the ‘Fourth Estate’?” the responsibility of the media, and take a look at an egregious example of both a click-bait headline and an outright lie.

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SPONSORS, aka, The Ones to Blame

The sponsors for this episode of The Fourth Estate are my friends who donated equipment, talent or provided valuable advice, to help get this podcast off the ground. Included are Dan Kassis, Shell Scott, John Elam, Keith Sewell, Todd Littleton, Jonathan Howe, and my wonderful wife, Sonya Duren.

I would also like to thank all my “beta listeners” who provided feedback.

FOOTNOTES, aka, Stuff Referenced in the Episode

Sources referenced in The Fourth Estate segment
Sources referenced in Obama compares himself to Jesus segment
President Obama Delivers Remarks at the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Paul Scott Pruett

    Good stuff, and much needed. Hopefully you plan to pick on bad reporting from both the conservative and liberal (and other) perspectives. Another interesting angle would be to point out what people have missed in the real story by their distractions with the faux story. For instance, as I’m listening to what Obama actually said in your sample story I’m thinking these thoughts: “Boy, Obama sure has a lot to say regarding what Jesus was all about, and He sounds pretty much like a progressive icon of social justice. Wonder where Obama got his ideas about Jesus? The Bible? You mean that thing that asserts that Jesus was way more than a champion of tolerance and the poor (and He was pretty intolerant of a lot of things, btw)?”

    • martyduren

      Absolutely. I intend to examine issues on all sides of the spectrum. There is no lack of bad reporting from all over.

      Regarding how to respond to Obama, I want to be careful not to become a pundit. My point was in how the speech was reported, which is the area I hope to stake out. There isn’t enough time in life to respond to every questionable thing Obama says. ;^)

      I really appreciate your listening and commenting!