The Freedom of Information Act–The Fourth Estate, Episode 003

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On this episode of The Fourth Estate we learn about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Raw Story’s deceptive headline, and the truth about the nationwide panic during the War of the Worlds broadcast.

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Dan has done voice work for the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the National WWII Museum, the U.S. Army Museum, Mellanox, and Dan has also does audiobooks including The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church.


The music bed for the intro and outro is from an original piece entitled Mexiwoah, by Mark Shihady, Marc Williams and Seth Cordell, and Jonathan Thompson somehow in the mix.
Footnotes, aka, Stuff Referenced in Episode 003

Segment 1-The Freedom of Information Act

FOIA Basics

Getting Started with FOIA

FOIA Flowchart

Segment 2-Wash your hands!!

GOP senator: Let restaurants ‘opt out’ of handwashing after toilet to ‘reduce regulatory burden’

Segment 3-No panic during the War of the World

‘The War of the Worlds’ mass panic that never really happened

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Grammar Time

    Completely agree with your point on the headline regarding the handwashing regulation. When I read an article regarding this, I wasn’t so concerned about the point he used to illustrate his idea as much as the fact he was basically replacing one regulation with another.

    Instead of requiring the business to require employees wash hands, he is instead requiring the business to post whether or not they require employees to wash hands. Either way, there is still a regulation in place and still a requirement of the business.

    The only reason I think it’s a poor choice for an illustration is because handwashing, especially when food prep/handling is concerned, is a matter of public safety/health. So, for this specific example, I think the regulation is warranted and justified. But, I agree with the overall sentiment that the senator is trying to explain.

    • martyduren

      After I finished recording I chuckled thinking about just what you said. The only thing I thought of was a single regulation to post a sign stating “We wash hands” or “We don’t wash hands.” Ultimately I agree his example fails since, without the regulation provided information, the market cannot make a decision.