The Sony Hack-The Fourth Estate, Episode 004

The Fourth Estate podcast

On this episode of The Fourth Estate podcast we review what’s happened since the Sony hack was announced, and look at whether ISIS can kill up to 90% of the American population by next year.

Let’s hope not.

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SPONSORS, aka, The Ones to Blame

Dan has done voice work for the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the National WWII Museum, the U.S. Army Museum, Mellanox, and Dan has also does audiobooks including The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church. For The Fourth Estate, he did the voice overs on the intro and outro. Dan has also provided invaluable technical advice.
Also, Todd Littleton, Shell Scott, Keith Sewell, Jonathan Howe, and John Elam.

The music bed for the intro and outro is from an original piece entitled Mexiwoah, by Mark Shihady, Marc Williams and Seth Cordell, and Jonathan Thompson somehow in the mix.

FOOTNOTES, aka, Stuff Referenced in Episode 004

Segment 1-Hackety Hack, Don’t Look Back

Sony hack: A timeline

FBI Press Release on Sony Investigation

Obama says North Korea hacked Sonya, vows response

U.S. Said to Find North Korea Ordered Cyberattack on Sony

Sony hack: Signs point to North Korea

The Evidence that North Korea Hacked Sony is Flimsy

A Lot of Smart People Think North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony


New Study May Add to Skepticism Among Security Experts that North Korea was Behind Sony Hack

Segment 2-ISIS, an EMP, and doom

REVEALED: ISIS Has A Plan To Kill 90% Of Americans by 2016, And This Is How…

The Electromagnetic Bomb – a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction

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