What color is this green dress?

In case you blinked last night the world nearly came to an end over whether a dress was white and gold, or blue and black. The picture was originally uploaded to Tumblr. Buzzfeed claims extraordinary traffic, around 670,000 people on the site at the same time. Around 250,000 mobile users were reading that particular story.

White/gold, or blue/black? A lot of people weighed in. So far no blood appears to have been shed. One friend told me it represented the very best of social media, since no other platform would have allowed such monumental discussion over such a meaningless topic.

Following on the heels of this culture-shifting event, I’m conducting a one-question survey.

What color is this green dress? Please make sure you have appropriate lighting before answering.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • I believe some would call it “kelly” green. Also, I used to know a girl named Kelly Green, but I have never known anyone named Green Dress.

  • Michael Young

    I think it’s orange.

    • Michael Young

      *hint the sarcasm*

      • emmanuel

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  • Frank Compton

    Uhh, green? Is this a Marty version of “Who’s buried in Lincoln’s toomb?”

  • Brant Taylor

    if you imagine that the dress has a green light cast across it, it’s actually a tan color.

    • martyduren

      I can imagine Len Taylor saying that exact thing.