Dearbornistan, the Missing Executive Order, and Burning Man-The Fourth Estate Podcast, Episode 10

The Fourth Estate podcast

On this episode of The Fourth Estate podcast, we examine stories on Dearbornistan (did the police chief of Dearborn, MI, announce a Ramadan curfew), the Missing Executive Order (has Obama banned all Confederate related merchandise), and Burning Man (did a pastor threaten to set himself on fire).

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Episode Notes


Governing the State and Localities, Ron Haddad, 2011 Honoree

ALERT: Did Muslim Police Chief of Dearborn, Mich. Announce He’ll Enforce Shariah on Christians?

Building Trust, Driving Relationships with the Dearborn, Michigan, Arab American Community

@cityofdearborn tweet

Missing Executive Order

One Marine’s View: Obama Signs Executive Order Banning Confederate Flags, Memorabilia

(Mr. Marine has now updated his story, admitting it is bogus, but leaving it in place.

*Update*  obama has signed a bunch of executive orders but none are banning the confederate flag.”

Rather than deleting the “article,” he’s chosen the route of “but it wouldn’t surprise us if he did.”)

2015 Executive Orders Disposition Tables

Burning Man

Rick Scarborough Is Ready to Burn to Death to Fight Gay Marriage

Texas pastor Rick Scarborough says he will burn to death rather than accept gay marriage

‘We Will Burn:’ Texas Pastor to Set Himself Aflame if Marriage Equality Wins

Rick Scarborough audio clip

Marty Duren

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