Shoutout to @Marknewsdeck on the @ShepNewsTeam

Anyone who knows my knows my opinion of major media outlets. It hovers between roly poly tail and snake belly. I’m no fan of Fox News, either, despite its efforts to cast itself against the “mainstream” media.


This afternoon, though, Mark Hiner on Shepard Smith’s breaking news team went well above what is expected engaging three Twitter users in a lengthy convo. It started with this:

This thread followed:

Then, quite unexpectedly, Mark Hiner from Shepard Smith’s news team joined in:

Usually, this is where these kinds of exchanges end. It’s a quick acknowledgement to the little people. A bit later however, this:

So, let the record reflect July 7, 2015 is the day I complimented Fox News. Mark did a great job (we all tweeted him our thanks). Give him a bonus, Shep!

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Marty Duren

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  • Martha

    I’ll happily be the First to agree with you comments on Mark Hiner ! He is always good to interact with people on Twitter, on any questions one has about the show and breaking news ! Cheers Mark , people who watch really appreciate you.