The difference between another dog and another boy

From NPR:

In early July [2014], Robyn Zwolinski and her husband, Gene, decided it was time to put down their 13-year-old West Highland terrier, Blaire. The past couple years had been hard for Blaire: she had lost her sight and had begun to develop cognitive canine dysfunction — a dog’s version of dementia.


The Zwolinskis contacted their vet, Vern Otte of State Line Animal Hospital in Leawood, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. Otte had seen them through the euthanization of several pets, and Robyn said they trusted him implicitly. Before coming into the hospital for the procedure, Otte called to ask Robyn a question that took her by surprise.


Otte wanted to know if the Zwolinskis would consent to donating Blaire’s pancreas.

And so, they did.

Otte is one of several veterinarians participating in a new Pet Organ Donation Network. The network works with vets at both State Line and Wayside Waifs, an animal shelter and adoption organization in Kansas City, Missouri. Since the network began accepting donations in January 2013, Otte hasn’t had a single pet owner decline. Between 30 and 35 donations have been made.

Likarda, a Kansas bioscience firm, is using the organs in seeking alternative treatments for feline and canine diabetes.

It seems a noble gesture. It is the animal kingdom equivalent of checking the organ donation box at the DMV.

So why shouldn’t we do to dying dogs what we do to unborn humans?

Why not just take Lady out into the vet’s office, hack her into pieces while still alive, then sift through the carnage to secure her pancreas, liver, kidney or other vital organs?

And you thought people went mad over Cecil the lion.

But this is what happens in many abortions. Watch nearly any of the five videos so far released from Center for Medical Progress. You need not think Planned Parenthood has violated a law to understand children are being dismembered while alive. Some are poisoned then delivered, but all are not. An unknown number feel pain during the process, but pain is not even the point. Trained medical personnel hack, scrape or vacuum to pieces living, human fetuses, then sift through arms, legs, eyes and organs looking for tissue gold.

While poking through a child’s remains in the environs of a lab one Planned Parenthood medical assistant said, “And another boy!”

Of course it is. She expected ET?

Science crashes into ethics and morality, cracking its skull in the process. Some consider fetal organ procurement a scientific wonderland, but it is no ethical Eden.

A blob of cells is not a boy.

A blob of tissue is not a boy.

Products of conception are not a boy.

A parasite is not a boy.

A child is a boy.

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