The continued lies of Planned Parenthood 

Thousands took to the sidewalks across America today. Men, women, and children held protest signs, and in some cases prayed and sang. In cities from Virginia Beach, to Detroit, to Lincoln, to Nashville, to Atlanta, to Aurora protests over Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal body parts, and intact fetuses, were peaceful and somber.

Passersby who cared to express opinions were mixed. One tweet noted 10 waves for every middle finger, while a woman who stopped by to check out the Nashville protest was met with encouragement and prayer (personal text message).

Predictably, like a pigeon decorating a park statue, Planned Parenthood excreted a lie.

“These rallies are meant to intimidate and harass our patients, who rely on our non-profit health centers for basic, preventive health care,” said Eric Ferrero, vice president of Planned Parenthood, in a statement. “The people behind these protests have a clear political agenda: they want to ban abortion, and block women and men from accessing basic reproductive health care.”

No one would deny our opposition to abortion-on-demand (abortion for any reason or no reason), but Ferrero’s expansion of protester intent is a lie. No one protested birth control. No signs warned against the pill. No one held vigil outside the local OB/GYN offices. No one prayed for the banning of mammogram machines. (Not that Planned Parenthood would recognize one if it fell off a UPS truck.) No group of protesters changed, “Hooray for cervical cancer!!”

And only an uninformed person–or a deceitful one–would call abortion “basic reproductive health care.”

One more reason to suspect that Planned Parenthood can’t be truthful when their income streams are in danger.

Not only that, but an unknown number of Planned Parenthood clinics were apparently closed today. How were protesters supposed to “intimidate and harass” patients who the clinics turned away by locked doors?

The truth is there are 20 times more healthcare clinics for women across the U.S. than Planned Parenthood clinics. There are another 5 or 6 times as many pregnancy care centers than Planned Parenthood clinics.

Courtesy of the Daily Signal:


So don’t believe Planned Parenthood and their interchangeable spokespeople. People who butcher unborn babies, or take care to extract them whole for lab work, or make jokes about getting hearts started while the fully formed fetus lays in a pie dish, can never be trusted to tell the truth.

Here’s a smattering of protest photos from Twitter:

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