Episode #15 – Interview with Bob Smietana, Part 2 – The Fourth Estate

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Today’s episode of The Fourth Estate Podcast features Part 2 of my interview with journalist Bob Smietana. We talk about The Gathering, investigative journalism, the ethics of undercover reporting, and “if it bleeds it leads.” Links to the story Bob talks about are below. Smietana is a highly trusted reporter and writer with years of experience in religious and secular publications. I recommend you follow him on Twitter.

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Episode Notes

The Price of Fear

Nellie Bly (Biography)

Nellie Bly fan page


Ten Noteworthy Moments In U.S. Investigative Journalism (Brookings)

The 100 Outstanding Journalists in the United States in the Last 100 Years (NYU Journalism)

Your Call: The past and the future of Investigative Journalism (KALW, public radio San Francisco)

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