My heroes have always been missionary pilots

“My heroes have always been cowboys,

and still are it seems.”

Willie Nelson

Nothing against cowboys, but my heroes have always been missionary pilots.

While I loved Elisabeth Elliot’s stirring story, like Destin below, when I read Through Gates of Splendor, it was Nate Saint who caught my attention. The man was a mechanical genius, and a first-rate pilot.

Destin Sandlin hosts the Smarter Every Day video series. (He’s the guy who built the bike with the wrong way steering.) In a recent video (picked up by Popular Mechanic) Destin interviewed what he calls a “Super Hero.” It’s part of his #SuperPowerForGood series in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Super Hero in the video is a pilot and trainer for Mission Aviation Fellowship, Brian Shepson. This is a great story. (More after the video.)

Worth noting about Destin’s video series is how the narrative is peppered with ministry references: Through Gates of Splendor, Elisabeth Elliot, Nate Saint, Mission Aviation Fellowship, what missionary pilots carry, how aid gets to people in need, vaccine transport.

This is a great example of being salt. God only knows who will Google the terms above and find a story so many of us have known and loved for years. A story about the love of God, the missionary impulse, a love for people, and the power of the Gospel.

Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.