Revealing 1959 interview with The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling

rod serling interview

You’ll look far and wide to find a more insightful discourse of the nature of writing (in almost any medium) when advertisers and corporations have a lot of power.

Below is a 1959 interview featuring Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling (the linked Wiki page is worth reading), Mike Wallace, and the Smoke Monster. Serling reveals of the potential cost of authenticity in television–at least in the early days. What are you willing to lose to remain true to your principles? What is the value of your self-expression?

With the advent of cable and more lax broadcast standards this may not be as much as issue for TV writers as in Serling’s day, but what about personally? How much do we not do, how much do we suppress, for fear of what some overlord might say or do? Or how much we might lose?

Longer than your average viral video, this is worth your twenty minutes.

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  • R2D3

    American Masters: Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval (PBS)

    This 90 minute PBS program is found on Disc 6 of The Twilight Zone: The Definitive Edition (Season 5). I watched it last evening.

    In my view The Twilight Zone is the greatest TV series of all time.

    It would be great for someone to do a big-budget bio pic of Serling. I could see Steven Spielberg directing such a movie if there was a decent screenplay.