The most revealing moment at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Not gonna lie: I’m a fan of Obama’s Correspondents’ Association Dinner speeches. I will miss them. Obama has good comedic timing, and he (and his team) regularly come up with excellent material. This year he skewered all the major candidates, Democrat and Republican. He skewered journalists. He even skewered himself.

But it wasn’t a joke by the president that is the focus of this post, but a response from the audience.

Around the 2:30 mark, beginning with “Next year at this time…” Take a listen.

It’s pretty clear the ensuing applause is for more than a joke well-crafted. It’s hopeful approval that Hillary will win the White House in November.

Everyone knows journalists–as a whole–lean Left. Many of them have already fallen over and can’t get up. Nevertheless, if anyone from the White House pool of correspondents happens to stumble across this humble post, take note: we know where most of your allegiances are. We accept it. But could you please try not to wear it quite so prominently on your collective sleeve?

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Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Scott G. North

    “You’ll look great tonight. The end of the Republic has never looked better.”….Most ominous line to me…

  • Joe Fox

    I’ve always wondered why there’s a tendency for folks in the media to lean left. Then I figured it out.

    There are studies that show the more you travel, the more you see of the world, the more left you lean. There are outliers, certainly, but by and large, seeing the world and all the possibilities tends to send people toward a more liberal approach to the world.

    So what does that mean? To me, it means that if you’re exposed to more ideas, to opinions other than your own, you start to see there’s more than one solution to a problem, that your (not you specifically, Marty) certainty is likely the result of confirmation bias, selective exposure and the false-consensus effect.

    The world is a much bigger place than most small conservative minds give it credit for. The fear they have is because they don’t KNOW what is out there. Once you do know, the fear can be replaced with understanding – and in some cases, that fear is replaced with wariness and awareness, but not blind prejudice and hatred.

    • LarryECollins

      Patently not true! I’ve not only traveled in scores of foreign countries (from Chile to Thailand). I’ve actually lived and worked in several (I’ve lived and worked in France, England, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore…to name a few). I’m as conservative as ever. Why? Because I have seen what the FAILED policies of other government have done to many countries. I’ve seen the sadness and hopelessness of many citizens of the world. Government control is NEVER the answer, it is ALWAYS the problem. Self-reliance, low taxation, property rights, rule of law – those are the things that make a great nation. Socialism? FAIL; oligarchy? FAIL; Coalition government? FAIL. Our democratic republic based on capitalism and entrepreneurship is still the best experiment in the world. If we fail, we will end up as bad off as Western Europe and South America. The failure is our universities, where liberal professors have focused on the errors and failures of the United States and not on its uniqueness in the world.
      The media is liberal because they are arrogant. They think THEY know what is best and promote it. They follow progressive movements because status quo (conservatism) doesn’t make great headlines. They are always looking for the next best story so they can win the Pulitzer Prize. They are never promoting what is good, and honest, and moral in the United States.