How to deny the presidency to the GOP or DEMs

This is easy in theory, difficult in reality, but doable.

The president of the United States is not elected by the popular vote, as most people realize. He or she is elected by the Electoral College. It is, in fact possible, to win the presidency by only winning 11 of 50 states.

To keep either the Republican or Democratic nominee from winning the presidency it is only necessary to make sure neither candidate wins 270 electoral votes. This can be accomplished by other candidates winning a smattering of states in what will most certainly be an already divided election.

To be clear: no single candidate has to win several states to deny one of the major parties a victory. An Independent can win one. The Green Party candidate can win 2. The Libertarian candidate can win 1 or 2. Yet another 3rd party candidate squeaks out a victory in yet another state.

Assume for a moment Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump win their respective nominations. The states will be split. Trump will most certainly take many states in the South, and Hillary many in the North. But, many states will be up for grabs. If a group of candidates managed to win just 30 electoral college votes cumulatively, it could deny 270 to the Democrats and the Republicans.

I said this would be difficult; that’s understatement. It would take a lot of planning, give-and-take, etc. In short, it would take a rejection of all the intransigence that brought us to this spot.

The goal for this election should not be to elect a president. It should be to break the 2-party dominance. That is what this republic needs.

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Marty Duren

Just a guy writing some things.

  • Scott G. North

    It’s pre determined….One just thinks he has a vote….And they dont play by any rules….

  • Greg

    If it were to all fall in place as you suggest, and there is no electoral college majority, the election falls to the house of representatives. So your intended purpose it then thwarted.

    • martyduren

      Understood. But, it would speak to the corridors of power in a way that a straight-up win never would. At the very least, it would give engaged voters a chance to lobby their reps before the vote.

  • If neither candidate achieves an electoral majority the election is decided in the House of Representatives – which will almost surely elect either a Democrat or a Republican.

  • quiverfull

    As others have noted, the house would elect the president then. And I don’t think the entrenched party wingnuts would change their world view based on that happening. They need to have a biblical world view which is only going to happen if/when the Holy Spirit moves them.

  • Scott

    The author needs to come to the realization that 10% will not win a state and that is a high max for any party. Simply not going to happen.