How long until until the GOP regains the White House?

Ed Morrissey’s book Going Red: The Two Million Voters Who Will Elect The Next President—And How Conservatives Can Win Them suggests the entire 2016 presidential election rests in votes from only seven counties in America.

Hillsborough County, FL

Hamilton County, OH

Wake County, NC

Prince William County, VA

Brown County, WI

Jefferson County, CO

Hillsborough County, NH

The purpose of this post is not to examine his two million thesis as intriguing as it is. Instead, it’s the question as to whether the GOP can regain the White House in 2016, and if not, how long before they eventually do? Or, will they ever again? GWB is not sure.

On pages 16 and 17 Morrissey writes:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.46.41 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.47.02 AM

The concerns posed by Morrissey are important and raise these crucial questions for the future of the Republican Party, especially given changing American demographics:

Are the conservative principles espoused by Russell Kirk, et al, effective for all Americans or only White Americans?

If they are applicable to all Americans can the GOP craft an authentic message that appeals to minorities as they together become the majority?

Do conservative economic principles necessarily require conservative/traditional moral positions, and vice versa?

Do those who vote based on primarily on conservative/traditional moral positions have the ability to grow their numbers?

Are economic and moral conservatives who do not embrace Neo-conservative foreign policy welcome in the GOP or are they like their inside/outside cousins, the pro-life Democrats?

The GOP as a political party is in crisis while it remains entrenched as a top-tier party. City, county and state politicians remain overwhelmingly Republican or Democrat. It remains to be seen whether a national party with such strong local representation will ultimately crack from the top down. Or, can the GOP convince the new face of America that conservatism is for everyone?

Marty Duren

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